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Parallel Charging Board for Phantom 3

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Sku:  001978
Weight:  60g
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DJI,phantom3 battery,parallel,charging board
The Parallel Charging Board is specially for Phantom 3 Battery, its built-in resistance guaratees the stability of output current.3 batteries can be charged simultaneously.The board is accessible to original charger and third party charger.

Package Includes:
-1*Parallel Charging Board for Phantom 3 battery

- Parallel charging borad does not shorten charging time. With certain power of the charger, it takes same time as 3 batteries charged separatedly and simutaneouly.
- Parallel charging board simplifies the procedure of charging batteries. You can just throw all 3 batteries on charge while sleeping. 
- Using parallel charging board does not cause any damage to the lipos, because it only connects the lipos together in parallel, rather than controlling the charging process. With builtin management circuit, smart lipo works when powered by proper voltage.
- The three white cubic stuffs on the paraboard are cement resistors, which will make the charging process more stable. And they may get warm or even hot during charging. 
- You only need to press down the little button by using the orginal DJI charger, which is optional but highly recommended. If you use a third-party charger, there’s no need to press it.
- Due to the difference of remaining capacity, the remaining charging time displayed is not accurate. The figures on the screen is only for reference.

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