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GAIA 100 Inspection Combo

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Sku:  909241
Weight:  25000g
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GAIA 100 inspection combo is an economical and practical aerial video surveillance solution with long transmission distance and long flight time, which can be applied in many fields like public security, security patrol, border defense, AI recognition.


GAIA 100 inspection combo is an economical and practical aerial video surveillance solution with long transmission distance and long flight time. The endurance time of Gaia 100 hexacopter loading 4k zoom camera is 50 minutes.

GAIA 100 is a high-quality flying platform with good loading capacity and long flight time. Adopting quick-detach design, the drone can be assembled and disassembled in a short time.


In this combo GAIA 100 hexacopter is equipped with VD16-E highly integrated radio system, which has datalink, videolink and rc built inside with standard range up to 3km on the ground and 5km in the air. VD16-E supports Ethernet video transmission. 

As for the camera, Gaia 100 is equipped with a 4k, high resolution visible light camera that supports 3.5x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom for capturing more details from long range. The EH314 zoom camera is Ethernet version. EH314 4k camera also supports AI recognition function( can be developed according to the specific needs of clients).


The VD16-E supports Ethernet video transmission, so connect EH314 4k camera with VD16-E receiver, GAIA 100 inspection combo can realize real-time video transmission. Connect the remote controller to PC, then the video can be directly displayed on PC.

VD16-E radio controller also can realize camera and gimbal control, like camera zoom, REC, PIC, gimbal pitch/yaw etc, just need one extra module for EH314, with which the flight control GPS information also can be written into photo or video. EH314 4K camera also can be controlled by network signal through ground control software on PC. 


GAIA 100 inspection combo is a high-quality and high efficiency flying platform for long range inspection and aerial video surveillance, which can be applied in different fields like public security, border defense, agricultural and forestry, and energy industries.



Wheelbase: 1035mm
Frame weight: 1.4kg
Standard payload: ≤3kg
Flight time: 50min(22000mAh battery x1)

Your Purchases Includes:

1x GAIA 100 Hexacopter Frame
1x Automatic Landing Gear
6x Foxtech 5008 Motor
3x 50A ESC with LED
3x Foxtech Supreme C/F Propeller(17x5.8) V2
1x Pixhawk Flight Controller
1x EH314 MINI 4K Zoom Camera with 3-axis Gimbal
1x VD16-E Radio Controller
1x Assembling, tuned and Flying Test Service


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