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Nimbus VTOL for Long Range Video Inspection(Preorder)

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Nimbus VTOL is the world best Tri-copter VTOL, equipped with 10X zoom camera and VDC 8km Video&Data transmission system, it can be used to check something important faraway, can be applied in many fields like emergency monitoring and security patrol. nimbus, nimbus vtol.


Diamond 6S 22000mAh Battery Low Voltage Warning: Please send a QRTL command if the voltage drops to near 20.4V or send a Q-LAND command if the voltage drops to 19V, or the battery will be drained out very soon!!

This Nimbus VTOL new version is designed for long range video inspection, equipped with VDC 10km video and data transmission system, seeker 10X zoom camera and gimbal. In this version we update the front and tail landing gear to ensure the good view of 10X zoom camera.

The DA16S included in this combo can realize standard 8km control range and datalink range. You can use the radio controller to control tilt, zoom, pan of 10X zoom camera.

The video system in this version is VDC long range HD video system, it provides 8-15km video range in the air, it also can be used as datalink transmission. With this VDC you can fly far within 8km range and still has HD video transmit back. For anyone who needs to add RTK high presicion base station, a new RTK module holder is installed on Nimbus to help transmit back real-time, centimeter-level positioning data.

In this combo the Nimbus is equipped with one battery swapping board-PG20. It increased at least 30% flight time of Nimbus VTOL. By using this PG20 system, we use one smaller but high discharge rate battery for nimbus take off and landing, use one big capacity but low discharge rate battery for cruising in fixed wing mode. And the flight time is about 90min at a speed of 18m/s. It can complete 6 square kilometer survey and mapping job with a single take off, which greatly increase the working efficiency. 

Nimbus VTOL is the world best Tri-copter VTOL, equipped with 10X zoom camera and S1+ 8km Video and Data transmission system, it can be applied in many fields like emergency monitoring, rescue and security patrol.

Now for every Nimbus purchase, you can get both 1 pair of 13 inch spare wooden propellers for tilt motor and 1x 17 inch spare matt propeller for Tail Motor free of charge.


Wingspan: 1800mm
Length: 1300mm
Total Weight: 3.36kg(no battery)
Suggested Take-off Weight: 6kg
Suggested Payload: 800g
Max Flying Speed: 35m/s
Average Speed: 18m/s to 19m/s
Stall Speed: 14m/s
Max Wind Resistance: 10.7m/s
Max Flying Height: 3500m
Mapping Accuracy: Centimeter
Suggested Battery: 6S 12000mah Lipo Battery; 6S 16000mAh Li-ion Battery and 6S 2200mAh Lipo Battery


-Take off and land vertically like a multicopter.
-Great Wind Resistant Feature
-Go waypoints & click-go automatically in either fixed wing or multicopter mode.
-No launching rail or parachute needed, launching directly from an area as small as 4x4m
-In case there is any failure on ailerons, elevators, Nimbus VTOL can switch to multicotper mode to save the plane.

Your Purchase Includes:

Notice: Pixhawk 2.1 Standard Set is currently out of stock, we now replace it with CUAV V5+ Flight Controller Set


1x Nimbus VTOL Inspection Version
2x 28kg Servo

2x Tilt Motor

1x Tail Motor

1x Tail ESC

2x Tilt ESC

1x (pair) 13 inch Wooden Propellers

1x (pair) 13 inch Spare Wooden Propellers(for free)

1x 17 inch Matt Propeller

1x 17 inch Spare Matt Propeller(for free)

1x Px4 Air Speedometer
1x CUAV V5+ Flight Controller with CUAV NEO V2 Pro GNSS

1x PG20 Dual Battery Swapping Board
1x Foxtech DA16S+ 16-Channel Radio Controller
1x VDC-15 Long Range Video/Data/RC Transmission System(1.4G 15km)
1x SEEKER-10 V2 HD 10X Optical Zoom Camera with 3-axis Gimbal
1x Assembling, tuned and Flying Test Service


RB20 Signal Relay


Battery Option 1 (with PG20):
Foxtech 6S 16000mAh Li-ion Battery
6S 2200mAh Lipo Battery


Battery Option 2:

Foxtech Diamond 6S 22000mAh Semi-solid State Lipo Battery

Manual Download

Mission Planner Menu Items Setting Tips

Firmware Upgrade History

Note: Please read the Nimbus Manual and Mission planner param.document etc. in the SD card before flying.

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